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Save the date. Premiere date revealed!

As of the 11th of April, Big Brother had enough of people asking when the air date of Big Brother Australia 2021, so what did we get? a premiere date! It was announced on socials and on Channel 7 during Dancing With The Stars.

As stated above in the tweet from Big Brother, BBAU will air on the 26th of April after Dancing with the stars, which is in just 2 weeks.

We also got a glimpse into what this years season will be like. (Unfortunately) they’ve quoted “Eviction every night”, which doesn’t actually mean every night, instead it refers to the amount of episodes we will have weekly, which is most likely 3 a week, with an eviction every episode, but it has been rumoured and ans speculate that their may be a-lot more housemates then we think, in fact possibly up to 40, whether they’re all normal housemates, late comers, or intruders is unknown.

We also got another new housemate reveal, a Coffee lover (Not quite Angela) called Carlos.

Big Brother: “Shut off from the world, our Housemates miss all kinds of “luxuries”. For caffeine fiend Carlos, no coffee might be the thing that spills him over the edge.” View all other housemates here

All information is provided by Big Brother Australia & Channel 7, sourced by fans.