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Big Brother Rundown #1

Welcome to Big Brother Rundown, where we go over the latest and recent news in the last fortnight, all about Big Brother Australia.


That’s right, finally! We have an air date, after it seems like Big Brother social media managers got sick of everyone asking, Big Brother Australia will air its first Episode on April 26. If you live in the WA or SA we suggest muting your socials to avoid spoilers! It is unknown how long Big Brother will air for, but it is known there will be 3 episodes weekly, with yet again an eviction every episode, but there is an unconfirmed rumour of their being 40 housemates, considering housemates were in the house for 2+ months.

Air Date promotional image


Recently we’ve got more of a glimpse into who our recently revealed housemates are as they answered questions from different categories from Big Brother on their socials. You can view the videos here. There have been no recently revealed housemates, view the currently revealed housemates below. It’s been confirmed by Sonia that the mother of the Married at first sight star Martha Kalifatidis will be going into the Big Brother House.


Big Brother has showed us more detailed images of some new and revamped original and secret hidden rooms, one that looks like a “Poor peoples bunker” and obviously the new games arena, which is officially named the “yard” but the rest is to be properly revealed and named, which we will probably see in the coming week.


View the new promotional video below, provided by Big Brother.

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