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Big Brother Australia 2021, Next. Level.

As you know Big Brother 2021 is just around the corner, and is rumoured to start mid April, here’s an update on what we know.

This year’s season has been revamped, well sort of… We still have the same house as 2020, but with some slight design changes and colour changes, but the layout and backyard are essentially the same. But Big Brother has teased many new rooms and secrets, which we will get into.

First of all, obviously we have a colour change this year, and we predict that every year there will be a slight colour change with the eye. Below is a photo of this years house, (it is now unfortunately taken apart, as the location was temporary)

Yes, you read correctly, this location is no longer the home of Big Brother, it was most likely always temporary to test its ratings before they built anything huge. With that being said a brand new house is coming, and its possibly a purpose built house, could this mean we could have the ‘live’ version of Big Brother back? some rumours have mentioned it being back at Dreamworld in Brisbane, Queensland, although is highly unlikely. Details are still to be announced about a new house.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure most of you have been keeping up with all the new housemates that are being revealed, which also means we are close to an air date. Below are images of all the housemates currently revealed.

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As mentioned before this year there are many new secrets, including many hidden rooms, with what looks like a long tunnel like hallway, which uses the manly WW2 tunnel system hidden under the location. Theres a new mirror like room and an underground bunker, that looks to be ‘poverty’ part of the house, below are some images from Seven Network

Finally, recently announced was a new “Big Brother VIP” season, which currently is unknown if its just celebrities or past housemates, read about it here.