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Big Brother Rundown #2, Housemates unfairly evicted?

The first two weeks of Big Brother is over… What a crazy two weeks, but what has Big Brother got up his sleeve next?


Day one, the housemates entered. Daniel had already claimed the house as his and creating and alliance with Nick, Daniel was set a secret mission by Big Brother to find the opening to the “Boiler Room” and to take one housemate without and be left unseen, they obviously succeeded, Nick chose it was best to go days without a shirt.

RECAP | MAX forced to exit after DANIEL roars at explosive BIG BROTHER  eviction ceremony | TV Blackbox

Challenge day, the housemates had their first nominations challenge coming up and it set the bar high up, housemates had to climb a 7 metre tower, to collect six bags of wooden blocks, then had to jump into thin air to grab the bags, the first housemate to balance all blocks won the ability to nominate 3 housemates for eviction. The winner was the strong mother of two, Renata. Renata nominated Christina, Melissa & Max. Like always they all pleaded their case, but little did they know Big Brother would shoot his first twist, Daniel and Nick came back from the Boiler room and were given the power to choose one person to evict, Nick chose not to choose anyone and Daniel chose to evict Max.

Through out the Two weeks housemates had multiple in house tasks to complete and pass in order for something in return (Like Tofu), the first one being “Scary-oke”, housemates had to continuously sing a song whilst putting their hand in a box, not knowing what is in the box, little did they know, most the time it was completely harmless. Housemates failed the task due to Charlotte quitting early.

Recently this week housemates had a shopping task “Alarming Predicament” Big Brother was testing his alarms, and each time Big Brother tested one, The housemates name that appears on the screen has to dash to press the button within 10 seconds, if not they will not gain any money towards their shopping budget. The housemates earned overall $200+ towards their shopping budget. Lets just say, a lot of Tofu was ordered.