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    Yes, although this is the new format that we are now used to, but back in the original Big Brother Australia format, this was a big deal, as Australia voted to save, and housemates only nominated to be in that position. But this one time it was different.

The first house eviction, which saw Gemma and Jake stand on circles while the house decided in FRONT OF THEM which one they wanted to hold by standing behind that housemate, wasn’t without controversy in the final season of Big Brother Australia. With the exception of one housemate, everybody went behind Jake, causing Gemma to be publicly humiliated. The media and the public slammed the eviction to be bullying, and oh how the tables turn.

Gemma sets the record straight: Big Brother isn't a bully | Sunshine Coast  Daily

During Season 4 of Big Brother Australia, there was a major blunder.

When a fan favourite After a vote-counting mistake, Bree was evicted. They let her back into the house on the Monday following her eviction on Sunday, with real evictee Wesley being kicked out, very embarrassing and harsh.

Big Brother: Bree Amer spills on wrongful eviction

For a while, they pretended to be “just friends” before beginning secret make-out sessions. As if there weren’t any cameras in the room.

Tully entered the Big Brother house with a girlfriend on the outside world, while Drew was single, while in the house they played the ‘just friends’ card for way too long, while others questioned Tully and her relationship on the outside world, and well of course all that escalated and it was clear Tully and Drew were in a BB Relationship, with it being shown them making out multiple times.

Tully’s partnered dumped her from the outside, and Drew and Tully were later evicted and met again, but they have since split, as obviously Big Brother relationships don’t often last long.

Big Brother's Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew get cosy in Melbourne | Daily  Mail Online

4. Corey, ah yes Corey.
We feared a riot when it was announced that the infamous party teen would be entering the BB building.

But, at the end of the day, he was just a 16-year-old in a house full of adults, and he didn’t cause any drama. Corey spent ten days in the house. All though a very controversial teen, not much of a controversial housemate.

Corey Worthington: Now, The Party & 14 Things You Didn't Know | WHO Magazine

5. The Turkey slap.
Yes you can’t do one of these without mentioning something very controversially sexual.

The Big Brother house was rocked when two housemates, John and Ashley, pulled Camilla down and placed Ashley’s genitals in her face. The entire thing aired on Big Brother: Up Late the next day, and Prime Minister John Howard demanded that the show be cancelled.

Big Brother star Camilla Severi breaks her silence on the controversial  'turkey slap' incident – ReadSector

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