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After some down time, we’re back, and we’re here to keep you up to date with the latest news.

So as you all know, Big Brother 2021 is officially over, or is it… Big Brother announced before this years season aired that we will be getting a second season, a celeb season, known as “Big Brother VIP”, they teased us with an image and nothing more, and most of our reactions were most likely very similar to the below image.

A celebrity edition of Big Brother Australia is officially happening | TV  WEEK
Big Brother 2020

Now, we don’t really know much about Big Brother VIP, besides the fact it will be in a new house, with celebrities, wether it will be the new Big Brother house or just a temporary for the celebrity season, no one knows, but it would make sense to use the VIP season to introduce the all new house, which they must have been working on way before 2021.

There are many speculations of who could be in the house, as filming is most likely already underway since it is also airing this year. One speculation is Josh Thomas, an Australian comedian, we can’t really say much that he hasn’t been active on his socials at all since early June, until recently on twitter, it could be him, it could be his managers, which was the rumoured start of filming for the season. The Veronicas, yes thats right, The Veronicas, they seem to be on every show lately, and we could only dream to have these amazing aussie icons to be on the show, but theres no signs of them making an appearance.

Big Brother VIP set to launch in 2021 – Inside 7
Big Brother VIP Promo image