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First looks of the new Big Brother AU House!

First looks of the new Big Brother house, in Sydney, at the Sydney Olympic Park.

Recent images arise of the new house from previous housemate Benjamin of 2012 on Twitter.
“First look at the new @BigBrotherAU house! I heard there are quite a few international VIP guests booking their flights into Australia as we speak. I am excited – if I can say that. #BigBrotherAU


Sonia Kruger has also stated in an interview that there will be some big international stars coming to Big Brother VIP, and people are already speculating some big celebs.

Looks can be deceiving, but it is still under construction, we are unaware if this is a permanent solution, or wether it’s temporary just for this VIP season. They still could potentially being saving a more permanent solution for a normal season of Big Brother.

You can see in this image whats to be like the new Big Brother Eye in the background, and all new “hot tub” which will be the new hot topic spot obviously, the theme seems to be a retro beach style type of house.


There are structures to the side that could be other parks of the house, similar to the previous house where extensions were made to connect all 3 sheds, we most likely wont be able to tell once fully built and aired on tv.

What do you think? Does this look like Big potential? Let us know! More leaks to come soon!