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Back To The Future! Big Brother 2022, Same House New look, First looks!

Well, now that Big Brother VIP is over (what a short season) it’s now time for the hype of the 2022 season, which is obviously being filmed as we speak! We have some sneak peaks of the redesigned house. The house is located within Sydney Olympic Park.

Starting with the Big Brother Eye entrance, you can see its changed from the Red/Gold look to the pinky/purple colours shown in the Allstars promo. Pink will obviously be the theme of the show.

Big Brother is watching! Ariel photos taken on Thursday show the construction of Big Brother Australia's new set at Sydney's Olympic Park
Big Brother Hotel/House Entrance

In the backyard you can see they have changed it to more neutral tones, from the flaming pink colour it was, to a beige/light green type of colour, and the furnishings have changed a bit.

Reality TV paradise: A small green backyard could also be seen with a mix of garden furniture, along with a number of sun-loungers
Big Brother House/Hotel backyard
Relaxation: A chair and table setting was also seen in the middle of the sun-drenched yard

You can see in the below image that the front entrance is actually directly aside the backyard.

New property: Big Brother was previously filmed at a $13million house at Dreamworld, on the Gold Coast, but the property was burned down by vandals in 2019

Now to the interior of the house, obviously there isn’t actual leaked images of the interior, but we have seen some of it in the Big Brother 2022 promo, it shows a slightly changed interior, slightly different colours and some different furnishings, it will obviously be made too seem less “VIP”

Seven network have chosen to hire out this location instead of renting or buying another property as producers were forced to find a new location after being served an eviction notice by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. This location had a hire period until the end of this year, so for Big Brother VIP 2022 and Big Brother 2023 we will most likely see another new location, hopefully more permanent.

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